Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers some of the most often asked questions about our hosting.

Do you own your servers

No. We purchase our resources in advance and in bulk, from a wholesaler. It is then up to us how we divide up the resources.

Where do you operate from

We operate out of Perth, Western Australia. Our wholesaler is the the USA.

Are you just a franchise or reseller club site

No. We work directly, one on one with our wholesaler. They supply the infrastructure and we focus on sales and support.

When you raise a support ticket, you are dealing with us, not the wholesaler. Of course, if we can’t answer your question, we will ask the wholesaler for advice.

Do you offer single site hosting

Yes, but not through this website. You can find our shared hosting plans at our sister site Web Chunks

Why do you process everything manually

To automate purchasing, payment and provisioning of accounts involves using third-party software.

Doing it across three different data centres, means triplicating everything, which would cost over a thousand dollars each year.

By doing it all manually, we avoid those costs and pass the savings onto you in the way of cheaper hosting.

Why don't you offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth

When we purchase our resources from the wholesaler, we choose the amount of disk space and bandwidth we need.

The more we order, the greater we have to pay upfront. We then sell our plans from those limits.

Hosting companies that offer unlimited resources, will often suspend your account, saying you are using too much of their resources.

They will force you to upgrade your plan, which is just a way to get more money from you.

By setting resources for our plans, we guarantee you will get what you ordered and don’t play those sneaky games.

Can I sell my cPanel accounts to someone

Yes. Your primary cPanel is tied to your WHM account. But you can sell any of the others to anyone you like.

Bear in mind though, that they come under the same Terms of Service as you agreed to.

If they breach those terms, their account will be subject to investigation and possible suspension.