What We Do

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Agreed Hosting is primarily a retail provider of a budget reseller hosting plan. We buy our server resources in advance and at a bulk price, from a wholesale hosting company that has been in business since 2008.

It is then up to us how we divide up those resources and sell them to you.

By only selling the one type of package and processing purchases manually, we can provide you with a much lower price than the major hosting companies.

Add to that, the ability to choose from one of the three strategically placed datacenters shown on the map, and you not only get great value, but faster speeds.

We are not a franchise, affiliate or club site and do not work on a commission basis. We deal directly with the wholesale company. They provide the infrastructure and we focus on sales, provisioning and support.

Our website is not designed to wow you with fancy features. It is simple and to the point. Our objective is to provide you with the best value for money, not to show off our design skills.

What We Offer
We only sell one reseller plan, a WHM package with 20 GB of disk space and 10 cPanel accounts. The price is USD 72.00 per year. You can see the plan here.

That means you can host 10 websites for $6/month, which equates to 60 cents a month for each site! You will be hard pressed hosting your sites for that price by doing it on separate accounts.

Of course, apart from your own cPanel, you are free to on-sell any or all of your other nine cPanel accounts to anyone if you wish. That way you could not only pay for your hosting, but even make a profit.

NewIn response to requests from people about hosting for one site only, we have introduced three single site plans. You can view them here. While not our main objective, it is what people have asked for.

Why We Process Orders Manually
To automate the sign up process across three separate datacenters, would require us paying massive license fees each and every year to a third party software company, costing us nearly a thousand dollars a year.

By doing the provisioning of accounts and the paperwork manually, we pass the savings on to you. It also means we interact directly with you during both the initial phase and for ongoing support. You will be dealing with a real person at all times, and not an anonymous computer script somewhere in cyberspace.

Normally your account will be up and running within 24 hours. Depending on which timezone you are in, it may even happen the same day. We monitor our email account from 10am to 10pm, GMT+8.

If you don’t need instant activation, and like the idea of someone human looking after your account, then please browse through our site pages to learn more about our offer.

Speed Tests
To give you an idea of how choosing the right datacenter to host your website can make a world of difference, you can click on the images below. This site is in the Singapore datacenter, which means it is centrally located, as you saw on the map above.

The images show that the time it took to fully load the site was virtually the same, whether accessed from London, Sydney or San Francisco.

You could also specialize. If your target audience was European for instance, then choosing the UK datacenter would provide the best speed for your visitors.

The Test File link below each image is for a 17 MB zip file. You can download the file from the UK, Singapore or US servers, respectively, by clicking on each one. This will give you a live speed test to see which server is fastest for your current location.

London London
Test File
Sydney Sydney
Test File
San Francisco San Francisco
Test File